WWDC 2020 Session: Enable encrypted DNS →

When people access the web within your app, their privacy is paramount. Safeguard that information by leveraging encrypted DNS across our platforms to deliver private and secure connectivity within your app. Discover how you can use system DNS settings to connect to encrypted servers or enable encrypted DNS within an app using standard networking APIs. Enabling encrypted DNS is yet another way your app can help preserve privacy for your customers and provide them with a better and more secure experience.

Not long ago I wrote about DNS over TLS on macOS with help of some third-party software.1 This WWDC session showcases how to and how easy it will be in the upcoming new releases to leverage encrypted DNS in the apps. Flexibility that is given here is impressive and it’s really great to see such focus on security & privacy of the Apple users.

  1. dnsmasq & Stubby to be exact.