mas 1.6.2 →

Majority of time I spend on my Mac, I do it in terminal.1 The more I can get away without switching to anything else, the better. MAS2 is one of these nifty little utilities that simply makes your life that much easier. While it’s quite mature software already and there’s not that much excitement in the latest release, I’m using it as opportunity to spread the word as not everyone is aware of this little bugger.3

MAS provides few really useful commands that allow you to avoid launching App Store altogether.4 The best part of it is that it integrates with 🍺 Homebrew’s Bundler, which in return allows you to easily replicate/keep-in-sync multiple systems or Macs. It really is super convenient to be able to combine two, otherwise independent, apps to serve single purpose. I, for one, am using these two together to sync all of the Mac apps I have installed on my private and work laptop.

  1. iTerm2 specifically. 

  2. Mac App Store. 

  3. You’re welcome. 

  4. mas install/uninstall/search etc.