I’ve been regularly listening to podcasts ever since I started studying on University so, hm, 2007? Potentially earlier than that, only not as regularly. Either way, I’m always fond of other people’s podcast lists so I decided to put mine up for the taking.


In this section, you can find all of the 🎙️ Podcasts that I’m listening to somewhat regularly. It’s not a big selection, they are all about technology, but I found out that listening to these covers the majority of my needs. They are my mandatory listenings where I tend not to skip episodes.

I was a bit skeptical with this one in the beginning, but it quickly became one of my favorites. I really enjoy the flow between Marco, Casey & John and I also learned great deal about Apple in general from it. If you are in Apple shop it’s definitely a must have.

John Gruber is a living legend in the Apple fans world. I had a hard time starting with this podcast as it’s usually very long and John tends to repeat himself quite often. But it doesn’t matter — the amount of knowledge he has and shares with the audience as well as cool guests he invites makes it worthwhile. Same as in ATP’s case — if you are in Apple shop, this is a must have!


Shows listed here are listened to in irregular intervals (doh!). Every once in a while I’m picking up something from these, usually when I’m sick of technology.

The Incomparable is definitely something else. Looking at their shows alone can cause a huge headache, especially due to the fact that every single one of them is so much fun to listen to. I had to reduce it to the bare bones of my interests, so I went through the available topic index instead and subscribed to Miyazaki for start. Can’t recommend it enough!

Every now and then I really enjoy listening to going back and forth between John and Merlin. Two great hosts, very different in their nature, but still able to build very enjoyable, chilled show. It’s not really technical but definitely geeky.

This has got to be one of the oldest shows on that list. Also, one of my most beloved ones of all time. If you ever feel the urge of going deep into the history, you can't go wrong with this show. The amount of amazing stories included is on a whole different level.

On hold

There were a lot of shows in my player that are no longer there. I listened for a few minutes, few episodes and simply dropped them due to the shows ending, loss of interest or some other reason. Shows listed below are in somewhat limbo state — I’m not willing to let them go just yet, but I no longer follow their releases nor actively listen to them. They are listed here should I ever reconsider.