I'm an Infrastructure Engineer at Ghost 👻, hailing from Poland 🇵🇱 but currently embracing the remote work life in Berlin 🇩🇪 When I'm not fine-tuning systems, you can find me diving into the world of UNIX and Linux, indulging in anime and manga, and occasionally battling through games as a painfully casual gamer 🎮 Outside of work, I'm a skeptic, and a devoted friend to animals, especially cats 🐈 And hey, I'm also a proud dad, and loving hunbando 🫶🏻 Feel free to explore my site where I share my recommendations, musings, and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff 🍭 Oh, and just a heads up, my nonsensical opinions are my own; everything else is probably borrowed from the universe 🌍

Pictured with my lovely waifu 🤗


This website is powered by Ghost(Pro) (yes, I'm dogfooding) and leveraging Format theme. I'm using Cloudflare (for DNS only), which I maintain using dnscontrol, and Hover is my registrar. This setup used to be much more complex back when I was using Jekyll 😅