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Here we are, end of 2022. Without a doubt, joining Ghost has been highlight of the year and one of the best decisions I made in life. I'm at the point where it's hard for me to imagine I could work in a different way for a different company 🤷🏻‍♂️ Older kiddo 👧🏼 is progressing in reading and writing and I can't wait for her to discover all the books she already has. Youngster 👦🏼 yet again struggled with illnesses two weeks ago, but this week he finally recovered and got back on track 💪🏻


Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgen…
This book is about pleasure. It’s also about pain. Most…

I've been listening to podcast by Andrew Huberman and in one episode he was interviewing Anna Lembke — they had a wonderful chat and that's where I learned about the book. It's written in a very light way, but it tackles very dark topics and some of examples made me feel... Uneasy. But it's a worthy read on the journey to better understand oneself.


Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade is a game subscription service that anyone can enjoy, with 200+ incredibly fun games — all without ads or in-app purchases.

I haven't been playing much lately, but I do have bunch of Apple Arcade titles on the list. Shovel Knight Dig, Horizon Chase 2, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees and GRIS+ to name a few. I also feel like it's this time of year (i.e. shitty, cold and rainy weather outside) when I'll be revising my beloved 3DS, most likely with one of the Pokémon titles 🤗


Watch High Water | Netflix Official Site
In 1997, scientists and local government officials in Wrocław face life-and-death decisions when a destructive flood wave threatens the city.

I was planning to watch new LotR, then GoT, eventually Shantaram and then I just couldn't stop binge-watching... High Water. Believe or not, I actually lived through a portion of these events as it was 1997 and back then I was 11. Some of the events are fiction, some are very accurate, but most importantly — polish reality of these times, i.e. post-communist country in their 90s, is shown exceptionally well 👌🏻 It brought so many (repressed 😬 😋) memories... If you are curious how it looked like in Poland after 1989, don't mind not too bad action themes and looming cataclysm in the background, give these six episodes a chance 😊


Revolver: Special Edition
Revolver: Special Edition - WikipediaWikimedia Foundation, Inc.Contributors to Wikimedia projects After all the hype related to Let It Be: Special Edition, Get Back documentary series, Get Back the companion book and, last but not least, Get Back The Rooftop performance last year and early this yea…

I've been listening to the 2022 mixes of Revolver over and over again. The more I listen to them the more I dream that Rubber Soul is next in line for remixing. It's absolute bonkers technology-wise how this was created — I've written more in the post linked above. More…