Still living and having fun in lovely Berlin, our fifth year ongoing. Work-wise, being in the right place at the right time in samedi. Kiddo 👧🏼 turned 4 this year (when did that happen? 🤯) and second one 👶🏼 is on its way (95% ready).

📚 Reading

I’ve been meaning to read Earthsea for years now. I always had it in the back of my head that there is this series of books that I should reach out to and spend time with. I found really great edition that has all 5 books + 1 more with the short stories. I’m three books in already and am looking forward to the three upcoming. I really like Le Guin’s style of writing, although in some places it seems a bit too brief. It might be the translation but, my feeling is that those stories could have been even more epic. They are still great though 😉

🎮 Playing

Second controller arrived not long ago and we finally got some spare time to play something new on Apple Arcade. We always have loads of fun when playing co-op, so we went with Cat Quest II. It’s so much joy that it’s hard to describe. It’s easy going, but not too easy, and at the same time not hard enough to feel frustrating. If you are looking for a light-hearted RPG to play with your significant other (or a kid), you can’t go wrong here (unless you hate cats).

📺 Watching

After awesome Witcher Season 1, I couldn’t find anything equally good that could stick. Until I remembered that Season 4 of The Expanse is available on Prime! After good and critically acclaimed run of three seasons on Syfy (after which they cancelled it 🤷🏻‍♂️), Amazon picked it up for season four — which is as good as this whole series ever was. While I still haven’t finished it, I’m already looking forward to Season 5, continued on Prime and renewed in July 2019. Highly recommended!

🎧 Listening

I hinted back last month that The Beatles Lost Album was gaining traction on my playlist and this trend stayed this way. Additionally there was quite a bit from The Beach Boys Pet Sounds. From the new additions department, Ghibli (Joe Hisaishi) soundtracks took over with Spirited Away and The Wind Rises leading the charge — I feel that this is a new trend that will stick for next month or so. Other than that, soundtrack to John Wick (especially Chapter 3) is a great background listen when I need to focus. More…

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