Still living and having fun in lovely Berlin, our fifth year ongoing. Recently switched job after 4 years at erasys to work for Samedi — overall it was a good decision. Kiddo is 3, hard to believe she’ll turn 4 this year 🤯

📚 Reading

"Complete Stories" - Kurt Vonnegut

Ever since I read “Slaughterhouse-Five” I knew there’s no coming back. I read most of the published novels by Vonnegut, including one or two short story collections, but never really got to the most of them. I received this “Complete Stories” as a gift and started reading not long ago. So far so good.

🎮 Playing

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

I still have “Wrath of the White Witch” on my 3DS games list, but there’s no English translation ready yet. And while the sequel is taking place right where the first one left, it doesn’t really affect the gameplay. There are, I’m sure, a lot of connections to places and characters from the WotWW, but “Revenant Kingdom” is just super good in its own right. Haven’t played such a good RPG in years!

📺 Watching

I finally finished Mad Men and boy was it a great show. But I also feel a bit relieved that it’s over as watching some of its parts was heavy and tiresome. That said, I moved back to The Americans and it’s not really that much easier. I really dig the atmosphere in the series, chemistry between the characters and the overall concept. That said, there are some awfully tough choices that need to be made and both Elizabeth and Philip has to persevere. I’m enjoying it, but am also looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery and The Expanse.

🎧 Listening

I can’t recall how exactly, but I somehow stumbled upon information that Weezer produced new album… With covers only. And while I read variety of different opinions about it, I’m loving it. I lost track on how many times I’ve already listened to it. Other than that, I’m still digging the soundtracks from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Chrono Trigger. More…

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