Still living and having fun in lovely Berlin, our fifth year ongoing. Recently switched job after 4 years at erasys to work for samedi — overall it was a good decision. Kiddo is 3, hard to believe she’ll turn 4 this year 🤯 

📚 Reading

I felt the urge to read some fantasy book for a change. I had “The Fifth Season” on my reading list for quite some time now. I went through it in no time and enjoyed every single bit! I’m now somewhere in the middle of “The Obelisk Gate” and I love it even more. Highly recommended to anyone enjoying good fantasy unlike any other!

🎮 Playing

I initially tried to play Pokémon Sun right after finishing Pokémon X but it was much too soon. It’s been a while since I played anything on 3DS and at first I flirted a bit with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but eventually I figured that I need something more to chill out. Really enjoying it so far.

📺 Watching

After finishing the amazing The Expanse I was still hungry for some Sci-Fi. I really liked first season of Star Trek: Discovery and it remains true for the second one. It’s not as good as Expanse, but good enough to watch and enjoy it. On weekly basis we are also keeping up with “Game of Thrones” episodes of the last season.

🎧 Listening

I can’t recall how exactly, but I somehow stumbled upon information that Weezer produced new album… With covers only. And while I read variety of different opinions about it, I’m loving it. I lost track on how many times I’ve already listened to it. Other than that, I’m still digging the soundtracks from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Chrono Trigger. More…

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