Still living and having fun in lovely Berlin, our fifth year ongoing. Work-wise, being in the right place at the right time in samedi. Kiddo 👧🏼 turned 4 this year (when did that happen? 🤯) and second one 👶🏼 is on its way (40% ready).

📚 Reading

I think it’s the very first time for me when I learned about hard science fiction genre. Similarly to “The Broken Earth Series” I read prior (which I cannot recommend enough), I had this one on my reading list for quite some time now. It’s not as lightly consumed as it was with N. K. Jemisin series, but it’s still hell of a good story that I’m getting more and more into. 

🎮 Playing

I still have “Wrath of the White Witch” on my 3DS games list, but there’s no English translation ready yet. And while the sequel is taking place right where the first one left, it doesn’t really affect the gameplay. There are, I’m sure, a lot of connections to places and characters from the WotWW, but “Revenant Kingdom” is just super good in its own right. Haven’t played such a good RPG in years!

📺 Watching

Boy was ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion a huge disappointment. The last two episodes felt like a waste of time 🙄 Overall though, I have to admit, it was a really good series with great potential that was somewhat lost in the very end. (Guess I’m gonna need to catch up with movies too). In the meantime — a pleasant surprise from the creator of one of my all time favourite anime Cowboy Bebop — we started Carole & Tuesday and we are loving it. It’s non-violent, heartwarming and beautifully drawn story and you can catch it on Netflix 🍿

🎧 Listening

Lao Che is definitely my favourite polish band. Ever since I listened to Powstanie Warszawskie for the first time I knew that it’s something very special. This LP is still among my all time favourites and I think it’s still number one for me from their discography. That said, their next albums, and especially Gospel and Dzieciom, are all very high in my regard. Song of the month is definitely “Nie Raj” from their newest LP (Wiedza o Społeczeństwie). More…

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