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Honeyguide sums up:

Yes, FreeBSD Lacks Kubernetes - But It Does Not Really Matter…

I like that approach. Recently I switched over from dedicated server running in Hetzner to a self-hosted, FreeBSD powered NUC.1 I can’t see going back to anything else than that at this point. Running BSD server on daily basis brought back so much sanity (and, sincerely, loads of joy) to my life and “SysAdmining” that I find it harder to do things differently.

Here’s a great series of posts showcasing how FreeBSD is still relevant in modern day and age, not shying away from running latest and greatest software in the industry. The components, among other, list Nomad, which I had on my radar for quite some time, Consul, which I love and Traefik, which I tolerate.2

Sure, it lacks Docker & Kubernetes. But it honestly doesn’t matter.

  1. NUC7i3BNK to be exact. 

  2. But still prefer NGINX.