Filip Chabik

DevOps Engineer, Husband & Dad.


After a few months in Berlin everything begins to very, very slowly getting back to normal. I’m working twice a week from the office, rest from home for samedi (my second year ongoing). My daughter 👧🏼 is officially 5 years old now and I can’t comprehend when did that happen 🤯 Not only that, my newborn son 👶🏼 will mark his 5 month this month. Feeling old. It still feels so strange to see all the people with the masks covering their faces. I really hope we are getting to the safe zone with all that COVID-19 mumbo-jumbo we’ve been going through this year 🙌🏻

📚 Reading

I was looking for some new fantasy books to catch a break from Earthsea series. I’ve heard about “Blood Song”, and entire Raven’s Shadow Trilogy for that matter, some time ago and boy is it great. I’m such a sucker for epic fantasy that it’s scary. So far there were two first parts translated to 🇵🇱 and I’m still going through the first one, but I can already tell it’s one of my this year’s highlights.

🎮 Playing

Not much gaming happening recently due to the newborn. That said, I finally got my hands on Warcraft III: Reforged and… I’m loving it! I played I don’t know how many hours in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne and now being able to make use of the full HD resolution and modern day graphics card is wonderful ❤️
On that note, I started watching Twitch for the first time in my life. I watch only one channel of streamer Grubby, former pro player of WC3. Loads of fun!

📺 Watching

By recommendation of my brother, I gave Peaky Blinders a go and boy is it a joy to watch. I went through Season 1 in no time and enjoyed every bit of it. From the stunning visuals and costumes, through the atmosphere and language of that era and region, to great characters, really well played. Anti hero in the first season was developing and evolving very nicely, I really can’t wait to start the Season 2 and see where it goes next. Gem of the year no doubts!

🎧 Listening

While the newborn status is still very accurate, I did find some tiny time frames to listen to something new. And that something new is related to series I’m now watching — Peaky Blinders. Soundtrack to that show hits all the right bells for me and the recurring theme of “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds is constantly in my head. More…

Last Updated: 2020-07-02