Last Updated: 2021-11-12

Last few weeks were really rough sickness-wise. Either me, my wife or kids – both at the same time or each on their own – were going through something. Lately it finally got better a little bit but I dunno for how long. It seems that this is a problem for more working parents out there. Numbers COVID-19-wise are not looking great either. Let’s hope for peaceful end of the year…

Reading: “Gardens of the Moon” — Steven Erikson

I somehow couldn’t go through the latest Sanderson Stormlight Archive book and needed some time off. I did however want to read some fantasy, so I reached out to the book I once tried to read… very long time ago. I kept in mind though and gave “Gardens of the Moon” a one more try – it’s an awesome treat and I think I have a new great series ahead of me. Highly recommended to any dark fantasy fans out there.

Playing: Shadow of Tomb Raider

My wife was playing almost all of the Tomb Raider series games. I got hooked up with the reboot and the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot. I really enjoyed playing it and now is the time for me to get back to the series and give the sequel a go. Graphics and flow style it’s very similar. The story is, as usual, captivating and rich. I’m around 10 hours in thus far and loving it!

Watching: Squid Game

Yet again recommendation coming from my wife and boy did I get hooked! I was skeptical at first, but on the other hand there was so much hype about that series that it got me curious. The episodes are long, the story though holds up really nicely so far and I’m hopeful for the rest – I’m somewhere in the middle right now. Definitely recommended. I’m also looking forward to the upcoming Disney+ Mini Series by Peter Jackson – The Beatles: Get Back. I have huge hopes for this one, not gonna lie.

Listening: Nirvana: Nevermind (30th Anniversary Edition)

These are more of the things I’m really looking forward to and that should arrive this month. First one is the 30th Anniversary Edition of Nirvana’s Nevermind and I can’t wait. Even for Live Paradiso in Blu-Ray quality alone it’s worth it and there are many more awesome things coming. Nirvana live is the best Nirvana and here we are getting four complete concerts in, I can only assume, amazing quality. If that wasn’t enough, I also pre-ordered Oasis Kenbworth 1996 with documentary and both nights in full, Blu-Ray quality – can’t wait to see this legendary live performance in such an awesome quality! More…