Last Updated: 2022-06-28

We just got back from Templin where we went with both kiddos 👦🏼 👧🏼 for some short holidays — it was surprisingly good and weather also clicked very nicely ☀️ My final 3 weeks in my current company are starting tomorrow — after that, I’m going to become freelancer and work 100% remotely for a single client. Let’s see how this goes, I’m really nervous, especially with all of the 🇩🇪 bueoracracy. But I’m also super hyped and excited to start something new! 🙌🏻

Reading: "Gardens of the Moon" — Steven Erikson

I somehow couldn’t go through the latest Sanderson Stormlight Archive book and needed some time off. I did, however, want to read some fantasy, so I reached out to the book I once tried to read… Very long time ago. I kept it in mind though and gave “Gardens of the Moon” one more try – it’s an awesome treat and I think I have a new great series ahead of me. Highly recommended to any dark fantasy fans out there.

Playing: SpellForce 3: Reforced

Grubby recently played in a promotional tournament, on a gamepad no less. I had SpellForce III on my list for quite some time and this event pushed me to finally give it a try. It surprised me in many good ways – after reading quite some reviews, I had the impression that it’s neither good RPG nor RTS, while trying to bland both of them into single mix. That said, it wasn’t my experience at all – I think SF3 is an awesome title and I can’t recommend it enough!

Watching: The Umbrella Academy

My wife strikes yet again with her recommendation and boy, did the show deliver… I went through two first seasons in just few days, binge watching like a mad man. I love how it’s a superhero story while keeping it real, to the bone. Characters are flawed, complex and even the superpowers are… At least questionable in many cases 😅 I’m really looking forward to watching recently released third season!

Listening: CLANNAD

As I mentioned many times before, I tend to listen to some soundtracks in the background while working. Recently this kind of playbooks was absolutely dominated by CLANNAD’s OST. The music varies but, ultimately, it was made as a background music for the visual novel game it originates from. Either way, should you look for some background sound, you can’t go wrong with this one. More…