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After first 6 weeks of 2021 I’m preparing for 4 weeks of time off – my second month of parental leave. My son 👶🏼 is turning 1 year old and boy does time flies after second kid popping out. COVID-19 numbers in 🇩🇪 Germany are finally getting a bit better and vaccination centers are kicking in at full speed. My daughter 👧🏼, five & a half, is going through some tougher time due to the second lockdown. We are trying to cope in the given circumstances best to our abilities and are ever grateful for staying healthy thus far 🤞🏻

📚 Reading

“A Darker Shade of Magic” — V. E. Schwab

In search for some book I could smash onto my Kindle I stumbled upon this one by accident. I only just started, but there are already few things that work for me. Number one is atmosphere – it’s a bit dark, a bit foggy and definitely entertaining. Second one is the topic itself – I’m not quite sure what is exactly going on yet, but it seems to have a lot to do with alternative reality and being able to travel between them. I’m definitely hooked and will progress gladly.

🎮 Playing

Ni No Kuni: The Jet-Black Mage

Some time ago I wrote about Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch and its release on Steam. I got few things confused though. Original release targeted Nintendo DS system and made absolutely awesome use of all the possibilities it offers – I love in particular the stylus runes typing. Level-5 and Studio Ghibli teaming up couldn’t produce anything that was bad, but this game is stunning. I have no comparison to the White Witch release as I don’t own PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Switch and I haven’t played it (yet?) on the PC. But I can say one think for sure – The Jet-Black fan translation of the DS game is simply amazing. English translation took 8 years to deliver, but boy did they! It’s including the original 372 pages book that is required to play the game. It’s also sorta awesome that it is required indeed – you can’t really use or learn new runes without it. It also has a lovely story inside, full of humor that is omnipresent within the game too. For anybody still rocking their (N)(3)DS system it’s a must play!

📺 Watching

Steven Universe

I must admit that initially I was skeptical, but a good friend of mine recommended this show to me and I finally decided to give it a try. It’s one of the best things I watched in recent years. There’s something to it that’s so pure and so heartwarming that it’s hard to stop when you start watching. Or at least that’s the case for me. Episodes are usually under 15 minutes and some (most?) of them are connected with each other, telling the bigger picture story and unveiling more details about the portrayed world. Characters are growing and changing and are written fantastically. I’m in the middle of the second season and am binge watching every single day for the past 2 weeks. (And there’s also Onion. Onion is weird.)

🎧 Listening

Wały Jagiellońskie

I think I’m conditioned to love songs from Etykieta Zastępcza. My brother and parents were listening to it from the vinyl when I was a very small kid – but I do remember these songs by heart and they are always so uplifting when I hear them. I know they are not everyone’s taste and not everybody even heard about the Wały Jagiellońskie, but to me this is an absolute classic and I love getting back to it. Lyrics are super funny and very deep at the same time. I know it’s probably only my sentiment but this band is definitely underrated in Poland.

Foo Fighters are coming back with their tenth studio album called Medicine at Midnight, scheduled for the release on 5th of February. So far there were three singles released, neither of which took me by surprise. I won’t hold my breath for this one, sadly. More…

Last Updated: 2021-02-04