Release New Year 2021 · BastilleBSD/bastille
Bastille 0.8.20210101I figured we should start out 2021 with a brand new Bastille release. Happy New Year!This release increments the version number from 0.7.x to 0.8.xNote: there is also a chan...

I like FreeBSD’s container implementation with jails. It’s one of these clean, solid solutions that simply work for years now and for many more to come. That said, there’s always space for improvement and this case is not any different. I started with iocage as it simplified a lot of headaches with base jails and VNET setup I had in the past. There are other solutions out there though that I keep an eye on – bastille and pot in particular. The latter seems to be relatively new kid on the block, but it already provides unique feature with support for nomad. The former is pushing in the direction I really like.

From the new features I’m mostly excited of is definitely support of the CURRENT jails. Granted, the host must be on the same or newer version but it’s still there – I had to do a lot of juggling with iocage to make it fly, whereas here, it just works. I think it’s safe to say that with the current templates implementation and template arguments (within Bastillefile) are making Bastille the closest thing to Docker in the FreeBSD world.