In June latest release of libbpf has landed in Ubuntu repositories for impish (upcoming 21.10 release). I grabbed the 0.4.0 version and backported it to bionic, focal, groovy and hirsute – these are test builds and are available from the following PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadret/libbpf
sudo apt-get update

Right now these are not really used for anything. In the future though, I’d like to build against them as it’s done in the upcoming releases of Ubuntu and Debian (I had no luck with such builds myself, especially for the older LTS releases).

Latest versions of BCC (v0.21.0) and bpftrace (v0.13.0) are now available from the bpftrace PPA for bionic, focal, groovy and hirsute:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadret/bpftrace
sudo apt-get update

I had a broken build against bpfcc PPA so this one is going to lag behind until the next release – this is because Launchpad doesn’t allow to upload new original tarballs more than once for a given version per repository, even if the broken packages are deleted.

BCC and bpftrace builds went fine and were tested – they work, but the thing is, that both are being build against LLVM versions that are available in the official Ubuntu repositories. This means that only focal and hirsute are being build against LLVM12 and are not being hit by this bug: Accessing pointers broken on LLVM <12 #1305. bionic builds are using LLVM9 and groovy’s are stuck on LLVM11. What I think I’ll do is to try and backport/transplant official LLVM repository to be build on some Launchpad PPA so that I could potentially use it to build against LLVM12 for these two – probably I’ll keep the versions that don’t require additional 3rd-party repositories around, with the caveat of being hit but the mentioned bug.