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Beatles after Beatles

Apparently it’s a thing to create Beatles after Beatles albums. I guess the most famous one must be The Black Album from the Boyhood movie. Recently my brother passed me a link to this video: The Lost Beatles Album of 1971 | Vinyl Rewind. And it’s just wonderful. I have no idea how this guy did it, but these songs really do resonate with each other. I can totally see (and hear 🎧) this being their next LP. Here’s the tracklist:

  • A1 - What is Life (All Things Must Pass, George Harrison, 1970)
  • A2 - Monkberry Moon Delight (RAM, Paul & Linda McCartney, 1971)
  • A3 - Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Single, John Lennon, 1970)
  • A4 - Not Guilty (Anthology 3, The Beatles, 1968)
  • A5 - Maybe I’m Amazed (McCartney, Paul McCartney, 1970)
  • B1 - It Don’t Come Easy (Single, Ringo Starr, 1971)
  • B2 - Hold On (Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon, 1970)
  • B3 - Dear Boy (RAM, Paul & Linda McCartney, 1971)
  • B4 - Imagine (Imagine, John Lennon, 1971)
  • B5 - Another Day (Single, Paul McCartney, 1971)
  • B6 - Child of Nature (Esher Demo) (White Album 50th Anniversary, The Beatles, 2018)
  • B7 - My Sweet Lord (All Things Must Pass, George Harrison, 1970)

You can find this playlist on Apple Music.

Be sure to check out the linked video for more details on why there are sides and this exact amount of songs etc. From my side – I would switch Another Day for Come and Get It from Anthology 3 or this year’s Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Edition), like so:

  • B5 - Come and Get It (Studio Demo) (Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Edition), The Beatles, 2019)

Similarly to having Not Guilty or Child of Nature in there, I find this song a much better fit.