Federico Viticci:

I’m intrigued by Command-K bars as a feature that speeds up keyboard-driven interactions on iPad and Mac while at the same time serving as a search box for an app’s own commands. Think of the typical Command-K bar as a mix of Spotlight, the macOS menu bar, and iPadOS’ keyboard shortcut menu, but as an element that can be invoked from anywhere in an app and dismissed with just a keystroke. As the examples in Maggie’s article show, Command-K bars can be genuinely useful to surface hidden commands and allow power users to save time when using complex apps.

macOS menu bar that can be accessed via Command-Shift-? positions Apple in an unique place where this... Really is quite feasible. At least on a Mac. In fact, if you are already using Raycast, it has a built-in extension for it called Navigation. I mapped it to Command-Shift-? because I'm boring of muscle memory, but it can be triggered as easily using ordinary Command-Space — essentially combining Spotlight and menu bar into one.