I’m always kind of fascinated when I read about other people’s configuration and tools that they use on daily basis. And how they use them. It might be because it’s the easiest way to actually learn something from them. You can also establish some idea on the skills that this guy or gal possess.

That’s pretty much the very reason I decided to finally open up a little bit and push few files to the public. And why not? I’ve seen worse, truly.
But frankly, there are other things that also drove me to this move:

  1. I will finally split my gigantic Settings repository I’ve been keeping in my GitLab. Seriously, this one has grown far too big and it’s about time to chunk it up. That’s also better from the git itself perspective as it handles much better a lot of small repositories than one huge. It’s also easier to share this way with others ❤️
  2. I will focus more on making the code better – which is beneficial to both parties – and much more portable. I already started doing it better (you’ve got to believe me on my word here).

As a very first thing to share I decided to push my recent bash configuration. I will write more about it in the future — in this post I only wanted to communicate, that there are two places where you can catch my config files:

More to come, so be sure to check at least one of them on semi-regular basis! (: