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Release Release 0.6.0 · canonical/multipass
Multipass version 0.6.0Highlights multipass shell <instance> will now start the instance if not running (#631)--cloud-init - option to launch will read the config from standard input (#628)mult...

There are so many ways these days to start a local VM on the Mac that adding yet another one seems insane. And yet, Multipass from Canonical[1] appeals to me the most. Especially when it's just a quick check that I need to make -- it's as simple as two commands and voilà, it's working and ready to roll.

With the new version I really am looking forward for starting automatically the instance via multipass shell command -- it's safe to say that it was the only thing I was missing.

Please note that Multipass works solely with Ubuntu instances. It is cross-platform however and one can use it on Windows, macOS and Linux.

  1. Yes, this Canonical, creators of Ubuntu. ↩︎