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NepTunes 1.7.0 →

‎NepTunes is a desktop accessory that allows you to see and control your music (Apple Music, Spotify) with customizable shortcuts, built-in scrobbler for, and beautiful themes. • Last.fmModern, stable and reliable scrobbler for No duplicates, no missing tracks. Fully supported App…

One of the things I really love about Mac is the availability of the nifty small utilities that aim at solving one problem and doing it right. Maybe it's simply my admiration of UNIX philosophy.[1] I'm an avid user[2] and I stumbled upon NepTunes while looking for something integrating iTunes with it. With the release of Catalina and introduction of the new, NepTunes stopped working and my scrobbles failed to be noted on With 1.7.0 release this is now fixed and everything is back to normal! 🎉

  1. "Do one thing well". ↩︎

  2. Be sure to check my "monthly-updated" Now page for more details. ↩︎