About four years ago I was thinking about creating blog in English.[1] Not that I had anything particular to say, it's just writing was, is and most likely will be, very important part of my life. There were couple of issues however:

  1. Writing in English doesn't come to me so easily as writing in Polish.
  2. I have less topics to write about in English than in Polish.[2]
  3. I was focusing too much on platform, themes etc. than on the texts themselves.

Of course it changed a bit after I launched my PPA, but still, even status changes weren't posted as often as I wanted them to be.
But among all those things, third point alone was the crucial one. I started with very weirdly looking WordPress, but I moved fairly quickly to Posterous. I thought, that external platform will keep me from playing with look&feel, but...

Well, it didn't.

So, I gave Tumblr a try and I must admit, this one was a bit better, but only because of awesome theme, which I just customized a little bit to my needs and was happy with.

Still, the biggest problem was lack of writing. New posts were coming in only from time to time and I asked myself: why is that? What's preventing you from just writing, you dirty little bastard?
Well, writing in English is, at least for now, overwhelming enough, and taking care of all of other details, like tags, categories etc. etc. is just too much. I want to focus on writing and writing alone.

That's precisely why I started to search for some less absorbing solution. And there are couple of them, starting like Svbtle, Obtvse, Medium etc. I gave Obtvse a ride, but it was a bit too crippled for my needs. Then I came across WP-Svbtle and... It's just perfect for my needs. It simplify WP interface enough for me to write easily without being bothered with any details and there's still powerful engine underneath it to provide me everything I may need or want.

Plan is fairly straight-forward -- to write more, mostly for my own pleasure and to practice English. I will continue writing about my PPA updates and status, hopefully I will also write about different topics.[3] I'm leaving both Posterous and Tumblr and am starting from scratch.[4]

This is my new beginning.

  1. Seemed a natural step after few years of blogging in my mother tongue. ↩︎

  2. Like all the political shit etc. ↩︎

  3. Though mostly technical ones. ↩︎

  4. They will stay online for historical purposes. ↩︎