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Closing PPA for Debian

16th December 2016

After seven years of maintaining PPA with custom packages for Debian, I now decided to finally drop and close it. I no longer use Debian as my main Linux distribution hence I have no need nor interest in providing any builds for it.

That being said, I also decided to pack the whole repo as is for anyone willing to either pick it up or to simply have a look on how this was done for the last few years.

I also need to give the credit where the credit is due — Julien’s Valroff’s tutorial titled Build i386 packages on amd64 brought me into world of proper Debian package building. I’m not even sure how old it is, but it’s still valid today.

As far as it comes to the software stack, the only thing I changed not long ago was finally the switch git-buildpackage. All the rest is the same – cowbuilder, pbuilder, quilt, gpg, reprepro and simple nginx in front.

Package with the repo contents can be found on the PPAs website. It was fun and useful for the time being, thanks for the ride!

PPA status

17th February 2015

It was about time to clean a little bit up my PPA. What was removed and briefly why:

  • audacious: latest stable release available in deb-multimedia repositories
  • deja-dup: newer version available in official repositories
  • geary: newer version available in official repositories
  • revelation: latest version available in official repositories
  • vala-0.22: newer version available in official repositories

As I’m playing with MATE lately I decided to port topmenu applet to Debian. I haven’t test it as of yet, but there’s no real reason for it to not work properly as it should.

That’s it so far. If you have any suggestions or you want to report any bugs, catch me on twitter.

Snappy Ubuntu Core on SmartOS hypervisor

11th December 2014

Snappy Ubuntu Core has been announced two days ago. I was counting that sooner or later there will be some alternative to Project Atomic and here we are. What I found a bit surprising was the immediate compatibility with Microsoft Azure. I also found this statement:

Microsoft loves Linux[…]


All is fine and whatever, but there’s not many places you can play with Snappy on. Or are there? How about SmartOS?
Well, Canonical delivers KVM image that may be converted and deployed as an VM.