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PPA status

Recently I've been playing a little bit with elementaryOS Luna. I already wrote my thoughts about this particular OS some time ago, so I won't go into details. I'm mentioning this only as an explanation for "why the hell this PPA was not updated for such a long time?" (;

OK, so what was going one lately? A lot of removals actually. Reasons differ, but the two most obvious ones are: packages are too outdated to actually still exist in the PPA and newer packages are already available in official Debian repos. Here's the list of what has been removed: pantheon-files[1] (and contractor as an dependency), plank (was available for a short while, but quite unstable), rhythmbox (newer and stable version available in official repos), sparkleshare, scratch-text-editor, task (and vramsteg -- newer version available in official repos), uberwriter, midori (packages with newest version available on official website), liferea (newer in official repos).

I've also replaced old Audacious build in experimental branch, with latest stable release provided now from unstable. Musique also has been updated to the latest stable release and same goes for Geary -- be sure to check those out.

One more reason for delays was my migration from Debian + KVM to SmartOS + KVM and Zones. I will most certainly elaborate a bit more about it in separate post some other time.

That's it for today. In case you have any suggestions or you want to report any bugs, catch me on twitter.

  1. Might come back to the PPA one day. Same goes for the rest of eOS-specific apps. ↩︎