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Apparently with the return of NetNewsWire 5.0, RSS feeds are coming back to the mainstream. I never stopped using them, even when Google Reader was finally dead. These days I switched to FreshRSS with Reeder 4 on both my Macs and an iPhone.

Either way, here’s a list of all my RSS feeds I’m subscribed to at the moment. Below you can also find my OPML file for easy digestion for essentially any given reader out there. Will try to keep this up to date 🤞🏻





This one is slightly special. I tend to use a lot of apps in variety of places and situations and for some of them I want to keep an eye on the updates. Vast majority originates from GitHub and what I found out at some point was that every single releases page has also RSS feed that can be used to track them. There’s also one feed for GitLab that is making use of my silly python script (i.e. it aggregates only the releases page of GitLab’s blog).