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ZFS 0.8.0 →

Release zfs-0.8.0 · openzfs/zfs
New Features Native encryption #5769 - The encryption property enables the creation of encrypted filesystems and volumes. The aes-256-ccm algorithm is used by default. Per-dataset keys are manage...

My first encounter of ZFS happened on Solaris 10 running on some SPARC box. It felt very refreshing after SVM or, goodness me, VxVM. I became a fan instantly as the overall simplicity in administration and promise of reliability were nowhere else to be found.[1] Throughout the years I've been playing with it mainly on Illumos distros (OmniOS and SmartOS) and FreeBSD, but never got myself to entrust it fully on Linux.

While it appears that ZFS is still sort of persona non grata at least in the Linux kernel, but with Canonical shipping it by default with Ubuntu helps a lot. Quite recently it also became apparent that the community behind ZFS on Linux is the largest and most active one. It also seems that both Illumos and FreeBSD (among others) are going to be syncing with/against it.

This release brings impressive set of new features. I for one am the most excited about the native encryption and possibility to transfer raw encrypted snapshots.

  1. To date, might I add. ↩︎