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Homebrew 1.9.0 →

Today I’d like to announce Homebrew 1.9.0. The most significant changes since 1.8.0 are Linux support, (optional) automatic brew cleanup and providing bottles (binary packages) to more Homebrew users.

Ever since I started using a Mac (roughly 5 years ago), I was using it with Homebrew. There are alternatives, I’m aware, MacPorts being prominent example, but this one was pre-installed by my employer and once I got along with it, I had no need to look for anything else.

Usually releases of 🍺 Homebrew are not very exciting to me. More often than not I was having some problems with some of the formulae (notably python and ruby) when these occurred, but this release drew my interest. This time around Linuxbrew (Homebrew’s port to 🐧 Linux) matured and is part of the official release. I find it fascinating that both implementations work in pretty much the same way and also that they share formulae with each other.

I can imagine some of the use cases out there in the wild. Having unprivileged account and still being able to install packages (usually their latest version) in kind of ports fashion has legitimate value. Times have changed and one can now run Ubuntu on Windows and have it use formulae from Mac 🤯