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OPNsense 24.1 released
OPNsense 24.1 released

OPNsense 24.1 Release Notes

Last summer I finally bit the bullet and decided to setup a firewall at home. I went with cheap Mini PC with dual NICs to serve this purpose. My initial choice of the operating system went to pfSense, but with all the drama around its owner I knew it wasn't going to last. Additionally, that Mini PC, while being mostly good, has Realtek NICs which are not the best choice for OS based on FreeBSD. That's why in November I grabbed this beauty: HUNSN Micro Firewall Appliance.

This one has four 2.5GbE Intel I226-V NICs, perfectly supported by FreeBSD. It's also passively cooled so there's no annoying fan spinning every now and then. This time around I went for OPNsense. Switch turned out much more involved than I expected, but overall it was for the best.

And now here I am — bumping up that box to the latest 24.1 release of OPNsense. Overall I'm really happy with how it all works and I look forward to the future releases 😊