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PPA status

Quick PPA status update.

Filip ChabikFilip Chabik

A lot of stuff is going on in my PPA lately, including its new, redesigned website. Many packages has been removed, added and updated to the latest versions, so I won't be able to cover all of these changes. Here are the ones I find most noteworthy:

  • Audacious 3.4-beta1: new upstream beta release.
  • Geary 0.3.1: new upstream release.
  • Midori 0.5.0: new upstream release. 0.4.8 was moved to unstable branch.
  • Musique 1.2.1: new upstream release.
  • Pantheon-Files 0.1: initial release, but working fine.
  • Scratch 1.1.1: initial release, more testers needed.

Coming soon:

  • Plank: I'm waiting for valac-0.20 to enter Debian repositories.

That's it so far. If you have any suggestions or you want to report any bugs, catch me on twitter.

Filip Chabik

Filip Chabik

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