BCC & libbpf

Latest versions of BCC (v0.22.0) and libbpf (v0.5.0) are now available from the bpftrace PPA[1] for bionic, focal and hirsute:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadret/bpftrace
sudo apt update
sudo apt install bpftrace bpfcc-tools libbpf

Right now bionic builds of bpftrace are still done using LLVM9 which means that they are still affected by the Accessing pointers broken on LLVM
bug. I did however port LLVM12 to Launchpad and was able to build bpftrace for bionic with it. Fixed version will require some additional dependencies though and I had no time yet for proper testing.

Additionally all the latest builds are now also available for arm64

NGINX Extended

Latest builds in stable for bionic, focal and hirsute followed the tracks of official Ubuntu builds and dropped Lua module:

Remove the Lua modules from NGINX (Server Team Decision) - future support for Lua module now requires resty-core from OpenResty, meaning that if we want to continue to support the Lua module, we have to start becoming OpenResty - users should just use OpenResty at this point for Lua.

The package naming has been aligned with latest, upcoming changes as seen in Debian: nginx-full has been dropped and nginx-extras should now be used for installing all available modules:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadret/nginx
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nginx-extras

Mainline has finally been updated to follow 1.21.x branch, builds for bionic, focal and hirsute are up for the taking:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadret/nginx-mainline
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install nginx-extras

Here as well arm64 builds are now available -- also from the Docker

docker run hadret/nginx-extended:latest

Test all the things

Finally, I published my docker-compose setup for quick testing for the packages I build for the PPA. Be sure to check it out on GitHub:

  1. Also from the bpfcc and libbpf dedicated PPAs. ↩︎

  2. Both stable and mainline are now provided. ↩︎