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Restic 0.10.0 →

Release restic 0.10.0 · restic/restic
We’re very pleased to present you restic 0.10.0! restic is distributed as a standalone binary: download the correct file for your operating system and architecture, extract the file and just run it...

A new and shiny major release of my favorite backup software. There I was, hoping for the magical 1.0, but hey, it’s not the version number that counts in the end. Last time, back in November last year, I said the following:

This release brings no spectacular changes nor features. Which is good, I don’t want my backup solution to have exciting releases – I want bug fixes and small changes and minor enhancements to its matured, stable state. 0.9.6 bring exactly that[…]

And it’s exactly right – the only thing I forgot was that it was already sixth minor version of the 0.9 release – of course there were no ground breaking changes 🤷🏻‍♂️ This time it’s slightly different, there are plenty of bug fixes squeezed in as well as tons of enhancements and new features. I’m not going to list them all, their release notes are exhaustive enough, but I’ll say this: I’m really excited for the multiple speed optimizations coming in.

Enh #1680: Optimize restic mount
Enh #2195: Simplify and improve restore performance
Enh #2598: Improve speed of diff command
Enh #2773: Optimize handling of new index entries
Enh #2786: Optimize list blobs command
Enh #2790: Optimized file access in restic mount
Enh #2840: Speed-up file deletion in forget, prune and rebuild-index

Meanwhile restic remains my favorite backup solution that I default to use in production and otherwise.

Here’s for the great new release! 🎉