Photo by the amazing Jess @ My Family in Photos.

OK, so it’s been a while since the last status update and I was going do these round-about every six months. No big deal, no big deal, but I do feel the need to communicate a thing or two. In slightly particular order:

  • As was silently announced on the Now page, there’s a second kiddo 👶🏼 in the development. Release date is planned somewhere in February 🎉
  • Speaking of Now page, so far, I was able to update it at least once a month. I’m both happy & proud of this!
  • I spun up a new 🛠 Projects page where I share projects I’ve been working on lately. It’s very raw and lacking at the moment, but I’m going to work on improving it in the near future.
  • I also spun up second Shelf sub-page called 🔗 Links, where I share the links to all the things I’m subscribed to in my RSS reader.
  • Speaking of Shelf, my Podcasts list has been updated too.
  • Finally, About page has received a new picture. While non-tl;dr version was mentioned already in January, it’s still in the making and I have no ETA 🤷🏻‍♂️

All in all I was able to issue at the very least one post per month, resulting in 17 (this post included) total posts published this year. I’m particularly happy with these three: NGINX Extended, Farewell Joyent Public Cloud and Apple’s Convergence. Let’s see what will fourth quarter bring to the table.