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Snappy Ubuntu Core on SmartOS hypervisor

11th December 2014

Snappy Ubuntu Core has been announced two days ago. I was counting that sooner or later there will be some alternative to Project Atomic and here we are. What I found a bit surprising was the immediate compatibility with Microsoft Azure. I also found this statement:

Microsoft loves Linux[…]


All is fine and whatever, but there’s not many places you can play with Snappy on. Or are there? How about SmartOS?
Well, Canonical delivers KVM image that may be converted and deployed as an VM.

Debian VM on SmartOS hypervisor

18th October 2014

This is a second post of the series on minimal Linux VMs deployments on SmartOS hypervisor. Same as in case of Gentoo I decided to go with systemd and btrfs for system & service management and main/only filesystem respectively.

Gentoo VM on SmartOS hypervisor

9th September 2014

I wanted to have a small, “minimalistic” VMs on my hypervisor, so they would have very little footprint on resources. I decided to go with systemd and btrfs for system & service management and main/only filesystem respectively.

The only considered distributions up for that task (at least from my point of view) were Debian and Gentoo. I decided to start with the latter as I had less experience with it and wanted to learn my ways around.

graylog2 systemd scripts

28th July 2014

Recently I’ve been migrating to new infrastructure – I will most definitely write about it more in separate post(s) – and I found myself in need of some centralized log server. I played a bit with different tools and eventually settled with graylog2. Current setup looks as follows:

Eventually I’d love to put Elasticsearch and MongoDB on separate machine(s) and add one more node for graylog2-radio and RabbitMQ (though preferably having both on separate boxes too), but this can wait and I needed working solution as fast as possible. Speaking of which, what seems to be the…

rcm to rule them all...

26th April 2014

Awhile back I decided to finally publish my dotfiles. It turned out that it’s not necessarily such good idea to split config files into so many small chunks — it’s harder to maintain when they are split like that. Few days ago I stubmled upon GitHub ❤ ~/ where I learned about rcm.