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PPA status

Recently I’ve been playing a little bit with elementaryOS Luna. I already wrote my thoughts about this particular OS some time ago, so I won’t go into details. I’m mentioning this only as an explanation for "why the hell this PPA was not updated for such a long time" (; OK, so what was going […]

PPA status

A lot of stuff is going on in my PPA lately, including its new, redesigned website. Many packages has been removed, added and updated to the latest versions, so I won’t be able to cover all of these changes. Here are the ones I find most noteworthy: Audacious 3.4-beta1: new upstream beta release. Geary 0.3.1: […]

Upgrading Seafile to 1.5.0

This upgrade guide assumes, that you previously followed Deploying Seafile with nginx and MySQL on Debian Wheezy and now you are upgrading to the latest stable release, 1.5.0. You can always find (and collaborate!) latest version of this guide on GitHub: Upgrading Seafile. Download latest version via: sudo -u seafile wget -c...

New beginning

About four years ago I was thinking about creating blog in English.[1] Not that I had anything particular to say, it’s just writing was, is and most likely will be, very important part of my life. There were couple of issues however: Writing in English doesn’t come to me so easily as writing in Polish. […]