NGINX Extended
💡UPDATE (April 26, 2019): this post has been updated to include latest changes made to the project. You can jump directly to it here → I was lucky enough that in relatively early time in my career I bet on NGINX as my default HTTP server and essentially never looked back.
Post announcing the project

This has been one of my favourite projects I worked on in the past few years. It served me well in production environments of two companies I worked for — always stable and reliable, giving flexibility where there was none. I learned a lot while maintaining it — about building Debian packages, handling PPAs & Docker Hub containers and much, much more. But the biggest kick had to be seeing this custom build with 3rd-party modules handling production load like a champ 💪🏻

Installation of the latest version is as easy as always, builds for bionic, focal and jammy are baked, both amd64 and arm64 architectures are supported:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadret/nginx
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nginx-extras

Docker works too:

docker run hadret/nginx-extended:latest

It's time to say goodbye though. I have no longer use case for it, I started a new job where lua rules all the things and I also simply have no longer that much time to spare for it. This is why nginx-mainline branch stayed on version 1.22.x and this is why the stable branch will do the same. NGINX 1.22.x is the last release I'm going to support till NGINX 1.24 is released (I will also patch some security updates if need be). This has been one cool ride 😎