New beginning

About four years ago I was thinking about creating blog in English.1 Not that I had anything particular to say, it’s just writing was, is and most likely will be, very important part of my life. There were couple of issues however:

  1. Seemed a natural step after few years of blogging in my mother tongue. 

PPA status: latest audacious, deja-dup, midori & uberwriter

  • audacious 3.3.2: bugfix release, available in experimental.
  • deja-dup 2.40.0: first stable release of 2.40 branch, available in experimental.
  • midori 0.4.7: latest upstream release, available both in unstable and experimental (GTK+3).
  • uberwriter 12.10.02: first public beta, available in experimental  branch (be careful with this one and report any encountered bugs).

PPA status: UberWriter 12.08.28

If you, like me, need distraction-free editor to create proper content, then you will love UberWriter! I started (successfully) porting this app to Debian and you can find 12.08.28 release in my experimental branch. Be cautious however, cause this release by default installs under /opt/ path. If you want to help me, then please grab package (*.deb should be sufficient) from here: The only difference is the usage of the default installation path (/usr/bin, /usr/share etc.), but I didn’t had time to test it myself. Have fun and please report any problems you will encounter! (:

PPA status: Midori 0.4.6

In official Debian repositories there’s pretty old version of Midori available. In my PPA you can find latest, 0.4.6 release – in unstable without GTK+3 and in experimental with GTK+3 support. Remember to use mirror site located here: