PPA status: latest audacious, deja-dup, midori & uberwriter

  • audacious 3.3.2: bugfix release, available in experimental.
  • deja-dup 2.40.0: first stable release of 2.40 branch, available in experimental.
  • midori 0.4.7: latest upstream release, available both in unstable and experimental (GTK+3).
  • uberwriter 12.10.02: first public beta, available in experimental  branch (be careful with this one and report any encountered bugs).

PPA status: UberWriter 12.08.28

If you, like me, need distraction-free editor to create proper content, then you will love UberWriter! I started (successfully) porting this app to Debian and you can find 12.08.28 release in my experimental branch. Be cautious however, cause this release by default installs under /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/uberwriter path. If you want to help me, then please grab package (*.deb should be sufficient) from here: deb.ianod.es/debian/incoming. The only difference is the usage of the default installation path (/usr/bin, /usr/share etc.), but I didn’t had time to test it myself. Have fun and please report any problems you will encounter! (:

PPA status: Midori 0.4.6

In official Debian repositories there’s pretty old version of Midori available. In my PPA you can find latest, 0.4.6 release – in unstable without GTK+3 and in experimental with GTK+3 support. Remember to use mirror site located here: deb.ianod.es/debian.

Official ICS 4.0.4 on Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P7500)

This is just a quick heads-up. Sure, Android 4.0.x and 4.1.x were available for quite some time via CM9 and CM10, but for the official one Galaxy Tab 10.1 users needed to wait really long time. Now, you can go and grab ICS 4.0.4 from SamMobile for example. Few things worth noting:

  • CWM by Pershoot is working without any issues (older ones from 5 series should work too).
  • Rooting is easy as always, though you will need to install both packages for ARM CPU from this site (in CWM, of course): http://androidsu.com/superuser/
  • Reverting from 4.1.x (CM10) to official ICS is not an issue, as long as you make factory reset.
  • Basically 4.0.x line is much faster, smoother and more responsive than HB 3.2.

Enjoy! (: